Sales of Hardware, Software & Services


From Cisco Routers to Dell Computers. We sell from hundreds of vendors. 



Hundreds of software, from Security Solutions to Backup and Disaster Recovery from the best in the industry.

Managed Services

Penetration testing, Network/Infrastructure, Forensics, MDR, Vulnerability Management, Migration Services and more.


We offer several options based on your specific needs and goals. With some many specialties, we can offer the best consultant for your organization.

Digital Marketplace

Our Marketplace will surprise you with even more solutions from IoT connectivity to MDM, to energy solutions so you can save more. 

Authorized Reseller

We provide our own services and sell services, hardware and software from two major distributors, Ingram Micro and AppDirect.

Ad-Hoc Services

Ad-Hoc services available from Vulnerability Scanning to Penetration testing. We will provide you with a complete accurate report.

Managed Services

Purchase our Managed Services, from Vulnerability Management Program to Incident Detection and Response. We will guard your network 24/7.

An Army of Cyber Professionals

Our Army is a combination of our own services and services and products of renown vendors like IBM, Palo Alto, AT&T and many more. Together we are the Cyber Army as a service. 

Hispanic Engineers
US Cyber

E Pluribus Unum

We are honored to partner with the United States Federal Government and the US Department of Defense as an official Government Contractor. Our goal is to deliver top-quality products and highly skilled Cyber Professionals to aid in the protection of our Nation.

Finding the best solution

Our team of highly qualified Cyber Security experts and consultants are dedicated to finding the optimal solutions for your organization’s needs, while remaining mindful of your budget. We will search for and recommend the finest software, hardware, and services available in the industry.

Customer Success Manager

You will have a dedicated CSM that you can reach at anytime.

Adapting to your organization's requirements with professionalism.

We assist in redirecting focus towards the clients and exploring new opportunities to enhance the challenges and risks affecting your organization, industry, and our nation.

Efficiency redefined, excellence delivered.

Transcend Partnerships: Achieve Organizational Excellence.

Whether through targeted initiatives or expansive global endeavors, we pave the way for businesses to thrive in the future. We cultivate effective leadership, enhance collaborative efficiency, and encourage a fresh perspective on customer interactions.